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Brazilian Thongs

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Brazilian Thongs 

The "Amor Perfeito" (Perfect Love in Portuguese) is sexy and provocative. Beautiful Black lace with open front, embellished with a crystal heart pendent. Versatile and adjustable for the perfect fit. Visit Kelleysstyle to view this limited edition



Black Embroidered G-String with stunning rhinestone pendant from Donna Flor of Brazil. Adjustable side straps for the perfect fit. Brazilian Thongs @ Kelleysstyle




"Made for your Pleasure" Sheer black, with embroidery and fluted top edge. Heart Strass sensation pendant. Adjustable side straps for the perfect fit.  Brazilian thongs @




Unforgettable Brazilian Thongs and G-Strings designed by Donna Flor. Delicate embroidery and rhinestones embellish these Brazilian beauties. Donna Flor products are recognized for detailed craftsmanship and original styling. Pretty Pink Iris with Delicate pastel embroidery in the front and back. Side adjustable straps for the perfect fit. Brazilian Thongs