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This stunning blue leaf waist cincher looks breath-taking as an evening wear accessory. Front Length 12.5", back length 12.5”. Standard Waist sizes 20"- 36". View the entire collection
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Stunning Leopard Print Waist Cincher from Vollers. Steel boned, Front fastening, back lacing underbust corset. Front length 10”, back length 11”. Vollers at


Create the perfect hourglass figure with this beautiful wine brocade mini corset dress from Vollers.  Steel boned, front fastening and back lacing. Vollers at


                                              19th Century Romance   

 High Quality, Individually Crafted Corsets from England.
This spectacular corset is Satin with lace overlay, Red embroidery on black lace,(4) detachable suspenders, steel boned, back lacing, over the bust corset.


                     Dazzle Everyone at your next party wear Vollers

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Vollers Corsets

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Vollers Corset Company is one of the oldest established corset makers in the world. Vollers Corsets are authentic English corsets, constructed with steel boning and busk. Authentic corsets are hand made, high-end corsets, created for customers who want a real corset. They are high quality garments constructed to allow for true waist reduction and body shaping. Vollers Corsets are perfect for lingerie, outerwear, club wear, and bridal wear.


Imagine this corset with your favorite jeans and a stylish jacket.


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