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Wolbar has it all, Elegance, Quality, Comfort and Affordability.

 Shown above is Wolbar's Sequidilla, this style is beyond words, Satin and embroidered laces with seductive corset style "lace up" back. Sewn in cotton panel for extra comfort.

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   925 Sterling Silver CZ Adjustable Toe Ring. Made with fine quality CZ and 1.5 grams of Sterling Silver.       











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Axami-Body.jpgLuxury at its Best. Elegant Open Body, the finest of laces. This Body is absolutely beautiful. A must have for your Lingerie collection.


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                                         Sensualle Lingerie @


                                      Sexy Pink Tanga Thong from sensualle of Brazil.



                     Dazzle Everyone at your next party wear Vollers

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Wolbar for Everyday

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Wolbar is the perfect everyday lingerie, it's softness and comfort are unrivaled.

Sheer Elegant Midi with lovely embroidery. Sewn in panel for extra comfort.

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Vollers Corsets

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Vollers Corset Company is one of the oldest established corset makers in the world. Vollers Corsets are authentic English corsets, constructed with steel boning and busk. Authentic corsets are hand made, high-end corsets, created for customers who want a real corset. They are high quality garments constructed to allow for true waist reduction and body shaping. Vollers Corsets are perfect for lingerie, outerwear, club wear, and bridal wear.


Imagine this corset with your favorite jeans and a stylish jacket.


Vollers-Denim-Corset.JPGVollers Corsets @



Gold and Black Butterfly Thong from Sensualle of Brazil.  Available at


Lola Luna Zambie

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Lona-Luna-zambie.jpgLola Luna g-strings feature the finest French designs and craftsmanship, combining exquisite jewels, embroidery and materials to make the world's most unique, luxurious jewelled G-Stings. Visit Kelleysstyle to view this collection

Ancient Coin Earrings

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 Ancient Coin Earrings from are made with quality .925 Sterling Silver, Amazonite and Copper Crystal.

Animal Print from Axami

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Exotic rich brown animal print push up bra and string set from Axami. Bra and String are embellished with scalloped turquoise lace.  Experience the quality of Axami       




 Are you convinced there is not such thing as a comfortable thong?  I was, until I experienced WOLBAR. Because of the supreme design and fine fabric this line is unmatched when it comes to comfort.

 WOLBAR's products stand for Fine and Exquisite quality.  This Charming sophisticated line of rich embroidery and soft lace has supreme style and is designed with perfected craftsmanship.

WOLBAR partners with the best European producers of fabric, lace and embroidery, like NOYON, DESSILLES, CARVICO, BOSS, Corvett Spitzen, Elastic, Bohi, Willy Hermann, PENN ELASTIC

Sterling-Silver-Cuff.jpgThis celestial bracelet from Peter Stone's Blue Moon Collection is very spiritual. The moon being the most prominent object in the night sky, has held an esteemed position in every culture. The moon has been used to symbolize many goddesses throughout history. The lunar cycle is one of the most beautiful examples of transformation in nature, and has often been compared to the cycle of life

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 Peter Stone Company USA, Inc.  2007, all rights reserved

This Sexy Push up Bra and String set from Axami of Poland is exquisite. Black with elegant silver embroidery and fine silver eyelet lace. Axami of Poland unmatched quality and design.

Dangling Belly Rings

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Kelleysstyle is featuring beautifully designed 14K yellow or white gold CZ body Jewelry. This handcrafted 14 gauge body jewelry is just exquisite. Available in yellow or white gold. These styles hang over the navel and are available in custom sizes and colors.
 Sensualle Lingerie is a very sexy and seductive line with a distinct Brazilian touch.
This Fiery Red Sheer Gown with it's Seductive low cut back is great for those special moments.

Paulo Mauricio Nascimento Pinto has captured the true essence of the word seductive with his Brazilian line titled Sensualle. This line beautifies and emphasizes the flesh with distinctive style. Each Thong is embellished with its own unique ornaments or gems. These are the perfect pair of Thongs to be peeking out the back of your low rise jeans. Visit Kelleysstyle and experience the Brazilian style.View entire line of Sensualle Lingerie

Axami Lingerie

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Axami of Poland is a producer of of Luxurious Lingerie and women's underware.This collection features elegant Corset and String Combos that are perfect for your Wedding or Honeymoon. Seductive Push-Up Bras and Thongs embellished with frills, embroidery, light lace, rich coloring and Brilliant ornaments.


Experience this Bold and Sexy yet Sophisticated Line

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Wolbar Poland Lingerie

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Lingerie from around the globe.   Sterling silver jewelry, body jewelry, toe rings  all in our online catalog  Lingerie Wolbar lingerie,  Sensualle  lingerie, Axami lingerie, Lola Luna G Strings.

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