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January, what a wonderful time to think of the Caribbean and warm balmy breezes.

If I were to go to the Caribbean today I would definitely have this beautiful, festive corset from Vollers tucked in my suitcase. Vollers Corsets are not just lingerie they are perfect outerwear.

Vollers Corsets are high end English corsets custom made to fit you.  I can’t say enough about the beautiful fabrics and expert craftsmanship that create these one of a kind corsets.

Rio is spectacular in color with a soft trim of floating silk along the top edge.  Front length 12 inches, back length 12 inches, available in waist size 18”-38”.  The Vollers


Messenger is one of Lola Luna’s most unique yet elegant creations.  Shades of Black and Silver satin with a tiny suspended silver tube which holds scrolled paper to write Sweet Nothings to the one you love. Create a fantasy with Lingerie from

Togo from Lola Luna

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Beautiful new design from Lola Luna.  Mini/Micro G-String, transparent fine tulle. Beautiful Swarovski Crystals in flower form giving a fancy touch to this sexy design.  See this new design


This has got to be the most provocative yet alluring piece of Lingerie I have ever seen. Completely open G-string is made of expandable red straps with gold movable embellishments to adjust for the perfect fit. The center is brought together with a stunning Gold and rhinestone pendant. 100% made in France.Visit the French