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Sensualle of Brazil @ Open, lace front thong embellished with a rhinestone sensation chain that spells SEXY. Adjustable side straps for the perfect fit 


     Elegant embroidered thong with delicate chain waist band @     

    Beautify and emphasize the flesh with a distinct Brazilian style.



 Hearts and Swarovski Crystals for Valentines Day




Sheer Black Body Admiravel from Sensualle of Brazil spells “Sexy” with Swarovski Crystals.  Leg lengthening “V” shape and a ribbon tie at the waist.Imported Lingerie @



Sensaulle of Brazil

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New lingerie styles from Sensualle of Brazil at



                                      Empurra from Senaulle of Brazil





                                Tremelique from Senaulle of Brazil                    





Sheer pink mesh and lycra combo from Senualle of Brazil.  The Bra to this sexy combo has sheer pink cups with lycra animal print straps and adjustable bow ties in the front. The thong is lycra animal print in the front and sheer pink in the back. Adjustable bow ties each side.


Sensualle of  Brazil


Elegant black thong with red and black embroidery in the front and back. Tiny diamond rhinestones embellish the fluted top edge. Adjustable side straps.Sensualle of Brazil @

Dondoca from Senualle Lingerie.JPG

Elegant Lace G-STRING Mastercrafted with Shimmering Swarovski Crystals on the back. Adjustable side straps.


Beautiful Lingerie from Sensualle of Brazil

Sensualle Lingerie @ Kelleysstyle.comCaiu-Do-Ceu-from-Sensualle -Lingerie.jpg

Mesh G-String/Tanga with a lovely Triangle array of Silver and Swarovski Crystals on the back. The Adjustable waist band make this Thong a One Size Fits Most !! Sensualle Lingerie @

Visit the Sensualle collection @kelleysstyle.comLacada-G-String-from-Sensualle.JPG


Sexy and Feminine Nylon/Lace G-String/Tanga with beautiful chain loops on the back, a tiny strand of crystals in the center loop. The front lace is accented with silver embroidery, making this a stunning G-String. Visit the Sensualle collection

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