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Wolbar has it all, Elegance, Quality, Comfort and Affordability.

 Shown above is Wolbar's Sequidilla, this style is beyond words, Satin and embroidered laces with seductive corset style "lace up" back. Sewn in cotton panel for extra comfort.

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Wolbar for Everyday

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Wolbar is the perfect everyday lingerie, it's softness and comfort are unrivaled.

Sheer Elegant Midi with lovely embroidery. Sewn in panel for extra comfort.

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 Are you convinced there is not such thing as a comfortable thong?  I was, until I experienced WOLBAR. Because of the supreme design and fine fabric this line is unmatched when it comes to comfort.

 WOLBAR's products stand for Fine and Exquisite quality.  This Charming sophisticated line of rich embroidery and soft lace has supreme style and is designed with perfected craftsmanship.

WOLBAR partners with the best European producers of fabric, lace and embroidery, like NOYON, DESSILLES, CARVICO, BOSS, Corvett Spitzen, Elastic, Bohi, Willy Hermann, PENN ELASTIC

Wolbar Poland Lingerie

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Lingerie from around the globe.   Sterling silver jewelry, body jewelry, toe rings  all in our online catalog  Lingerie Wolbar lingerie,  Sensualle  lingerie, Axami lingerie, Lola Luna G Strings.

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