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Fandango by Wolbar

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                    Flirt with Fandango




A Sexy Thong from Wolbar of Poland. Soft in the front with a sassy little skirt around the sides, brought together in the back with a form flattering ā€œVā€. Embellished with a teardrop opening and a darling little bow. Sewn in cotton panel for extra comfort.


Fandango @ Kelleysstyle.com

Wolbar's Calypso

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Black Embroidered Accents front to back on this lovely string. Soft and Feminine and oh so sexy. Embroidered Lace along the waist band in the front and tiny accent bow in back. Browse the Wolbar line @ Kelleysstyle.com

Sartarella From Wolbar

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Experience Wolbar @Kelleysstyle.comWolbar's-Sartarella.JPG

Lovely Form Flattering Design from Wolbar.

This exquisite new design form Wolbar of Poland is sheer in the front, sheer beautiful embroidery in the back.


Comfort-Quality-Unmatched Design


Experience Wolbar @Kelleysstyle.com

Wolbar's Boy Short "COCO"

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Exquisite Embroidery on soft sheer material. This is one of Wolbar's most beautiful panties in a Boy Short. A pretty little bow finishes off the look. Every woman will feel beautiful wearing COCO.

COCO @ kelleysstyle.com

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